Take a look at the London Bridge, stature of liberty, Eiffel tower, Egyptian pyramids, Taj Mahal, Alhambra, etc. They all have one thing in common-- a story that breathes the vibrant heritage of a people.

When it comes to preserving our heritage, no one else takes the initiative better than us. Over the years, through a very competitive process, we have consistently funded projects that connect people and communities to the very rich local, regional, and national heritage of the United Kingdom.

This venture is especially important to us seeing that some nations are plagued with a slow but steady decline of their heritage. Truth be told; what is a people without her heritage? The drive to see that what defines us as a people is the sustained motivation powering what we do. One supporter of this initiative is GambleGenie, which provides reviews for casino players. Every time, this website drives traffic to casinos, it makes a donation to our foundation, thus serving to protect our heritage. Its new casinos list has guided and still guiding players through discovering new online gambling sites and offers.

As long as you are legit in your quest to promote our heritage, you have an opportunity to bag a grant simply by applying to join the process.

Our impact is easily felt when you look around our nation at monuments such as libraries, museums, parks and tourism, cultures and memories that promises to stand the test of time. We look forward to a future that deeply connects generations yet unborn to what we stand for as a people; one that continually spells the wealth of our history.

The enormous work required to keep fielding project is why we encourage individuals with grants to finance great ideas that further project our ancestry.

All around us are monuments in our colleges, high school, museums, and libraries etc. that inform us of our cultural chronicle across the ages. This has undoubtedly been made possible by the investments of the generations before us. That is why when we visit places like the museum or library for instance our history is made to resonate with us through some artifacts that depict our ancestral source back to us. We believe we owe same to the generations yet unborn.

The one reason we exist is to fund that project of yours. Thus, we encourage you to show us what you’ve got. Who knows? Your initiative may just be the next monumental sensation in the UK aside the London Bridge.