With us, sourcing for funds to finance that dream project of yours is not a complicated process. Having said that, it is however a very competitive process. Therefore, not all applications, no matter how good can sail through our process.

We do believe that if you have a firm grip of how the application process works, it will help you better understand how to go about making requests of the grant you seek. This is because poorly following through the process could lead to automatic disqualification.

If you want to source for funds of 3000 pounds, you would need to complete an enquiry/ expression form of interest and then send in an application for a grant after creating an account on our application portal.

However, if you require grants that costs as much as 10,000- 250,000 pounds, we encourage you to first send a project enquiry form so that we could better advise you on how to develop your idea.

If the grant you seek is above 250,000 pounds, it would be requested of you to complete a short expression of interest form. This way, the work that goes into application is properly managed, applicants are given fair shot at being selected, and applications received at the first round is managed well.

Information you provide during your application is important as it is used to decide if submitting a first round application would be necessary. It’s important to understand that even when you get an application to apply; it doesn’t mean you would get the grant. It means instead that your proposition has huge prospect.

We usually try to respond to requests for grants within 20 working days of receipt. Usually we inform all applicants on the success or failure of their applications.

Every project undertaken always includes a development and delivery phase. However, how long the development of the project delivery takes will depend ultimately on you. This could sometimes take as long as two years; depending on how complex the project is.

In all, sourcing for funds is way easier than the process looks. So we encourage you to not relent in sending your application across. Irrespective of the amount needed for the project, it’s okay to follow the procedure and get listed.

Like we always say, giving out funds to as many that deserves it is why we do what we do. After all, this is about heritage and how we sustain it.