Nearly 830,000 pounds have been awarded by the National lottery to the Cardiff community group so that they can acquire more knowledge about Iron Age and medieval heritage and provide mechanisms to protect it for the future.

Caerau hosts a 6,000 year Hillfort that is considered to be internationally important but described as “Heritage at risk” by CADW. This structure is presently without protection, and subject to vandalism and drug abuse.

However, due to the working of National Lottery players, the local community will now have an opportunity to embrace the history of the site and its significance; thereby being privileged to be a part of its history. The project seeks to increase the number of visits to the site by a whopping 50%.

The works to be carried out include:

  • Building children’s playground that has a new theme

  • Renovation of an old Gospel Hall into a Hidden Heritage Centre, and providing space for community groups, including pop-up café.

  • Creating signage and trails that makes it easy to explore the site

  • Maintaining old and historic buildings, and creating new gardens.

National Football Museum Acquires Prize-winning Toynbee Artwork Thanks to National Lottery Grant

As part of the Football and Fine Arts exhibition in 1953, Mid-week practice at Stamford Bridge by Lawrence Toynbee was initially submitted to be a part of it. After participation, it went ahead to win one of the most coveted prizes alongside contemporary L S Lowry’s Going to the Match.

The painting which was one of the two artworks designed at the same time by the same artist was purchased by the National Football Museum with the assistance of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council England/ V&A Purchase Grant Fund.

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