We are commissioned to funding projects that aligns with the promotion of our heritage as a people. Our involvement in these projects as in no small measure seen to the creation of more jobs, project economic growth, and protect our heritage. All these have gone to enhance community spirit, create a sense of pride, and encourage traditional craft skill.

We are proud to have be a part of making projects such as reconstruction or repairs of old structures, finding out how new buildings can be better put to use, investment into places of worship, and archaeological projects for community.

We have invested enormously into building projects and symbolic monuments. This is important to us as most structures of this magnitude often transcend us. We take delight in renovating old and abandoned buildings and turning them into reference edifices in communities. As we do this, we often try to make each project tell a story that the generations yet unborn would love to listen to.

Our cultural heritage and memories defines who we are, and that is why we don’t hesitate in being a part of projects that make our customs and traditions, and knowledge and skills that make our history come alive.

Over time, we have proudly been a part of about 21,800 projects that amounted to 346 million pounds; projects that sold the rich cultures and memories across the UK.

Sustaining our community heritage is one thing we do so well. So without reservation we offer funds to help people who seek to do research and share the intrinsic history of their communities. More so, we finance projects that are a combination of different heritages of a particular location.

We also support maritime, industrial, and transport projects. By being a part of this, we help conserve local geographic gems; giving communities something to pass down to their generations.

Investing in landscapes, parks, and nature is another reason we exist. We see it as a point of call to contribute into conserving our heritage. This we do by educating communities on the value of nature, habitats, species, and landscapes.

Museums, libraries, and archives are a part of our heritage that we guard jealously. We fund projects that seek to renovate structures that are archaic and keep information up-to-date for the upcoming generation.

We are committed to what we do and that’s why we continually seek to encourage projects that conserve our heritage.